Radhanath Swami on Perceiving Through Mind

Radhanath Swami on Perceiving Through Mind When the mind is turbulent, uncontrolled and restless, it is like a pond of water that is filled with mud. Therefore when we look within ourselves, all we perceive is the mud of our material conceptions of life. But when the mind is still through discipline, and through yoga, it is like a pond that has no waves and no turbulence. Then we can perceive through that crystal clear water the eternal nature of our soul.

– Radhanath Swami

  • jayant mahtani

    Rain drops before reaching the earth is in its pure form, but as soon as it touches the earth it becomes muddy. Similarly the soul is pure by nature, but when it comes in contact with the three modes of nature it becomes contaminated. By yoga practice one can overcome the impurities and begin to see one’s true self.
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  • jayant mahtani

    By suitable practice and detachment it is possible to curb the restless mind. Yoga practice without mental control is a waste of time.
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    how to control mind? and why its necessary to it?

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    Hare Krishna Thank You Maharaj for helping us and by making understanding us by a perfect statement.

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    Easy to understand the distinction between a Turbulent mind v/s a Peaceful mind

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  • Hare Krishna Thank You Maharaj for helping us and by making understanding us by a perfect statement.

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    Radhanath Swami is wonderfully helping us understand the importance of controlling our mind & senses before we can actually perceive things of this world as they are.

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    Very nice observation and connection with the mind.

  • To control the mind is very difficult. How much attempt we do to control, in the same speed it goes out of the way. So only through Guru like Radhanath swami one can control the mind.

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    If mind is controlled then only we can think about spiritual world otherwise its difficult.Thank you very much maharaj for such a nice quote.

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    A controlled mind is our friend and an uncontrolled mind is our enemy.

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    How beautifully put. People get irritated when told about spiritual truths. Because their mind is always agitated they can’t appreciate even simple truths of life. Radhanath Swami explains beautifully.

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    wonderful explanation by Hh Radhanath Swami Maharj

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