Radhanath Swami on Pure Love

Charateristic of Pure LoveLove is a state of complete, uninhibited, unconditional giving away of every aspect of our very existence, for the pleasure of the object of our love, both within and without.

– Radhanath Swami

  • Love is to give not to take.True devotees know only to give to Lord the the pure devotional service and they never expect anything from the Lord.All glories to maharaj

  • jyoti chilka

    Simple but instructive comment by Radhanath Swami Maharaj

  • Shra1wiz

    What a description of pure love! Fantastic! Radhanath Swami ki Jay!

  • Vidya Patham

    Radhanath Swami is echoing the same definition of love as given by Rupa Goswami in the Nectar of Devotion.

  • umesh

    Such a selfless definition of love by Radhanath Swami Maharaj. Otherwise, in the modern context , the word love is generally interchangeably used with the word lust.

  • Renuka

    So true! Love is so pure and unconditional specially when its for the all mighty.

  • That is the best description of love. For this unconditional love Maharaj has left everything behind and has embraced love of God with all his heart.Hari Bol! to Maharaj.

  • Sumit

    After looking at the quote made by Radhanath Swami, I realized the true nature of pure love. This is amazing and must be adopted by everyone.

  • Jayesh

    LOVE is the most misunderstood word in this world.What a definition of LOVE by Radhanath Swami ! He has made everything so clear ! Thanks to Radhanath Swami !

  • All Glories to Sri Guru Maharaj, HH Radhanath Swami.
    Love is transcendental, truly only in Krsna’s service, one can achieve this. All can feel bliss to heart only when we try to satisfy Krsna, The source of all sources.

  • Reminds me of Laxman, who served lord ram for 14 years without expecting anything in return. that is real love.

  • Vinay Malani

    HH Radhnath Swami Maharaj’s definition of pure love is so perfect. This true love cannot exist in a materialistic world where everyone is thinking about his/her own enjoyment. In material world only lust exists. Pure love exists in the spiritual realm only.
    So we have to transcend our material desires to experience this pure love.

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  • I thank Radhanath Swami for Wonderful Definition of Love. For more article of Radhanath Swami pease visit radhanathmaharaj.net

  • Virendra Singh Chouhan

    Once Radhanath Swami said in his lecture that Love is whatever we do to satisfy Krishna and rest whatever is just lust.
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  • All Glories to Sri Guru Maharaj, HH Radhanath Swami.
    Truly only loving relationships in light of Krishna’s service can conquer hearts of other people. HH Radhanath Swami is exemplary of this fact. So many conditioned souls have become devotees by his teachings and love for them. As Tushar Prabhu, also rightly pointed out above, our love is misdirected through sensual attachments. But such misdirected love cannot satisfy us, for what can really satisfy us, is the pleasure to heart.
    And pleasure to heart can come only when we try to satisfy Krishna, the source of all existence. For if, we try to water the roots of the tree, all the leaves, fruits, branches are satisfied.


    How true! I never knew what love means till I came in contact with my Radhanath Maharaj.
    The ‘Love’ that the world now relates to is nothing but mutual exploitation to gratify each others senses, but however the senses can never be gratified by material objects, no matter how much you try to satisfy them.
    ‘Love’ means to serve and the perfection of service is to serve God(Krishna). This I got to know and experience it only from Radhanath Maharaj.

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