Radhanath Swami on The Grace of God

Radhanath Swami on The Grace of GodThe greatest power of God is grace. The grace of God could lift one up even from a very fallen, miserable situation and give one entrance into the realm of eternity.

- Radhanath Swami

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    God is so compassionate. Thank you Maharaj.

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    Radhanath Swami realizations are wonderful

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    amazing quote.

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    Thank you Radhanath swami for explaining us the power of the lord’s grace.

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    Lord is so great that he is always merciful to all the living entity. Thanks for sharing.

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    One of the greatest grace of GOD which we have received is a spiritual master like Radhanath Swami who helps us understand how we should live our life in service of GOD,Devotees & Humanity ! Thank you !
    Hare Krishna !

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    Thaank you Swamiji for your wonderful messages

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    Only Grace of God can lift up one from any situation

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    Wonderful and hopegiving quote.

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    Hari bol, very nice quote

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    The grace of God is so powerful.

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    It gives us hope that we will someday get the grace of God!

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    Radhanath Swami explained nicely aboput grace of God

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    Hare Krishna……..

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    Hare Krsna……….

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    Thank you for this quote.

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    may all of us become eligible for this grace of Lord.

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