Radhanath Swami on Education

Radhanath Swami

Education means to bring out what is within you.

– Radhanath Swami

  • Kalpana Kulkarni

    Very true! But unfortunately modern education does not inculcate any spiritual values. So we have t do this work of spiritually educating people.

  • Vedic education was the vidya because it teaches about the supreme person.All glories to maharaj

  • The modern education is avidya.The vedic education in previous ages was vidya.To know about the Supreme brahmin and meditating on Him is education.Maharaj ki jai

  • viren

    we never heard anything like this in any other institution. thank u Maharaj!

  • Priya

    Very well said Radhanath Swami!

  • Priya

    I never heard such a wonderful explanation of the word education….Thank you Radhanth Swami…



  • Abhishek Chaudhury

    “’Education” is to withdraw what is within you”… great thought!!!
    The whole modern civilisation is so “external” in its approach, whereas ancient Indian civilisation was more “internal” in its focus.
    It is high time to revive our Indian way of life.
    We Indians do have a lot of merit in our way of doing things, as is evident from Radhanath Swami’, an American by birth, attraction for it.