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All paths are valid if they actually bring about good character in people. – Radhanath Swami

A person’s accomplishments induce respect and adoration from another person’s mind, but it doesn’t go beyond that. But a person’s character induces respect and love from other people’s hearts. – Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami on Character


Ultimately, it is character that makes a person great, not his or her accomplishments. By Radhanath Swami

Great personalities never perform duties with a desire for respect nor do they accept any position in a mood of proprietorship. Rather, their every action is devoid of any false ego. – Radhanath Swami

Real problem is not population explosion, but what the population is doing. -Radhanath Swami

The more we become spiritually advanced the more we become responsible for even little things. -Radhanath Swami

We get purified when we take anxiety for God’s service. -Radhanath Swami

The more we make advancement in spirituality, the more we need to strengthen our service attitude, in order to bear the weight. – Radhanath Swami

To the degree we could all live in a way that people can trust us, not just superficially but in actuality, we will have a very powerful and strong society. – Radhanath Swami