Radhanath Swami on Purity

Radhanath SwamiWhen something is pure it is natural. When something is contaminated it is unnatural. So purity of the heart means to bring us back to our natural state of loving God.

-Radhanath Swami

  • We are trapped in illusion. Our consciousness contaminated by so many desires.To come out of this miserable situation Guru is needed. Without Gurus guidance none can do devotional service to Lord Krishna.With Gurus mercy and doing devotional service to Krishna the heart becomes pure.which we can offer to Krishna.All glories to guru maharaj.

  • Rajani komble

    you have described nature of spirit soul in a very simple way

  • Shruti

    Yes, when our heart will become pure then only we’ll be able to get our natural position of loving & serving God.

  • Gurrappanaidu

    Wonderful quote !.


    Excellent purifing knowledge by RADHANATH SWAMI

  • It is purly pure from the Pure

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    Thanks Radhanath Swami for such a clear description of Purity

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    Nice instruction from Radhanath Maharaj

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    HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj’s teachings are very easy to understand even though the subject is very deep.

  • One simple quote of few words but it speaks volumes!

  • Meera Sharma

    In conditioned state, we think of contaminated mind as our natural state. Thank you Maharajah for reminding us the urgency of purifying our hearts.

  • krishna chandra

    Very profound and true.

  • Shraddha Jain

    Radhanath Swami is so deeply emphazising to purify our heart. Unless our heart is pure how can we place the Lord in our heart & unless we give our heart to Lord how can Lord take us Back to His abode.

  • rakesh

    What a deep and simple but amazing thought , only a realized soul like Radhanath Swami Maharaj can evolve it.

  • Wonderfully said

  • Anil Timbe

    such a clear understanding of what is pure and what is not.

  • Meghana Vaidya

    Thank you for sharing H.H.Radhanath Swami

  • krsnanaam das

    Radhanath Swami has very concisely told us that we should work hard towards purifying our hearts which is contaminated with lust greed anger pride etc. since time immemorial.

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    very nice quotation.

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    Thank you for sharing

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    Thanks Maharaj..

  • Ram Mahtani

    We keep hearing that the heart should be purified….. but very few know what exactly it means to have a pure heart. Maharaj has so very explicitly established it in so few words.

  • Wonderful quote

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    Very nice quote.

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    Radhanath Swami is pure Vaishnava, So are his thoughts.

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    Thank u for sharing

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    What a wonder full statment. if every one realises this statment the world would be a wonderfull place to stay in.

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    wow…that was quite about it…

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    Hari Bol

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    very very wonderful. many heartfelt thanks to swamiji

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    Enlightening thought !

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    very nice explanation.

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    Thank you for sharing this pure formula.

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    Very nicely put by HH Radhanath Swami.

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    Wonderful quote from Radhanath Swami.

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    wonderful statement by radhanath swami.

  • Sunny

    our current society – life is artificial – most of us can feel it. So we have to seek out the alternative of purify our existence and come to deeper understanding of life and ourselves…

  • Manish Advani

    Radhanath Swami is uncompromising His aim to give the right message not interested in generating followers, Very rare to find someone genuine like him

  • Prahalad Kaul

    Before coming to bhakti I never imagined loving God was so important.

  • Raj Narang

    Good One!!!!!!!!

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    Radhanath Swami has very aptly summarised the essence of all the holy scriptures in just these 3 lines.