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Radhanath Swami On Success


Success of our activites is when we have absorption in God. – Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami on Faith


Faith is that substance through which we can see the invisible, through which we can connect to the Absolute Truth, God. – Radhanath Swami

It is worth going through tears to give pleasure to others. – Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami On Culture


Culture in any civilization depends on giving honor and credit to our predecessors. – Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami on a Man of God


A man of God is like the ocean—undisturbed by the rivers that are coming in. The fullness of peace he experiences within is so great that the problems of the world he has to deal with and the suffering he has to go through become insignificant in comparison. – Radhanath Swami

Absolute truth can be percieved by a repentant heart. – Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami On Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm is the expression of our desire to develop the intention to love God. – Radhanath Swami

Radhanath Swami on Greatest Loss


To loose money, prestige, health or even life itself is not such a loss. To loose faith is the greatest loss. – Radhanath Swami

If one team wins the world cup, dozens lose. This shows that in material world ratio of people suffering is always greater than ratio of people happy. – Radhanath Swami